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Winter 2022 Well Advised Newsletter

Winter 2022 Well Advised Newsletter

Posted on Jan 31st, 2022

It’s the Year of the Tiger – what are you hoping to accomplish in 2022? The partners at Legacy Family Office have already begun holding our own personal 2022 AGMs and goal-setting sessions with our spouses and families, and we are looking forward to seeing you for your AGMs as well in order to create the roadmap for this year and the decade ahead!

On January 27th, we heard from CI’s brilliant Global Strategist, Drummond Brodeur, regarding his outlook for the year ahead. If you missed the invite in your inbox, watch for the summary notes from our call regarding what to expect in 2022 with regards to the Economy, the Stock Market, and even the eventual return to being able to travel once again!

In this Winter 2022 Well-Advised newsletter, some topics covered are:

Managing Inheritances –How do you ensure your children & grandchildren are responsible with the assets you leave them in your Will? Whether you are concerned about your inheritor(s) receiving (and burning through) a large lump sum of money, or planning around blended families or potential marriage breakdowns, a Trust can be a critical tool as part of your Estate Plan. We can help guide you whether this is right for you and what legal advice you require to set it up.

Are you Investing Responsibly? – We have been speaking with our clients about how ESG investing (Environmental, Social, & Governance) factors into our investment process for the last couple of years, and we expect this to become even more integrated into our financial planning discussions in the years ahead. Read more in the newsletter on why this is the case.

How to Prepare for the Unexpected – If nothing else, Covid has shown us the importance of being prepared. Whether having cash reserves (for cash flow or to invest strategically!), the right retirement plan, or the right risk management in place, it is vital to be prepared for life’s unexpected events. This is central to our Multi-Family Office planning process!

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We wish you a fantastic year ahead!

Click here to read the Winter 2022 Well Advised Newsletter