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Summer 2021 Well Advised Newsletter

Summer 2021 Well Advised Newsletter

Posted on Jul 22nd, 2021

Summer is in full swing as we write this – great to see our vaccination levels continue to climb across Canada. We hope you are enjoying the sunshine and warm weather.

One of the topics we have been discussing with many of our clients over the past year is with regards to how Socially Responsible Investing may be incorporated into our portfolios. Three members of our team have recently completed the Responsible Investment Specialist designation to help better guide these discussions with you, so we can ensure we match your portfolio with the appropriate investment goals you have – reach out to us with any questions.

In this Summer 2021 Well-Advised newsletter, some of the highlights include:

What’s different as you approach retirement? – from investments to insurance, the plan you had while you were working will change as you approach retirement. Have you wondered whether you’ll still need health and dental insurance (you probably will!) or if you should still be making RRSP contributions? These are critical items that require planning ahead of retirement – not after the fact. We work with you to address these well ahead of time.

Preparing your Executor? – your Executor’s job will be difficult enough without having to search for information and documents that are required to complete your estate. Preparing ahead of time not only spares your Executor the trouble, but it can help you identify issues you may not have otherwise considered, and prepare your funeral wishes.

Does your family’s RESP need a check-up? – are you still receiving the maximum Canadian Education Savings Grants from the government? It is worth checking up on your family’s RESP regularly in the years leading up to the beneficiary’s graduation – this is the best investment vehicle available for your child or grandchild’s future!

As always, we appreciate the opportunity to work with you – have a fantastic summer!

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