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Fall 2020 Well-Advised Newsletter

Fall 2020 Well-Advised Newsletter

Posted on Nov 4th, 2020

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While 2020 has had its challenges, it has been inspiring to see how we as Canadians have rallied around each other, and we are looking forward to a better and unique 2021 just around the corner!

Every year as part of our commitment to further education, each member of our team outlines their educational goals for the year ahead. This past year saw two significant education certifications achieved by our team: Spencer received the designation of “Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA)”, certifying him as a Family Office specialist in Family Businesses. Brittany received the designation of “Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU)”, demonstrating her expertise in risk management and wealth management. We will continue to pursue education and knowledge growth to better serve the financial health of you and your families.

In this Fall 2020 Well-Advised newsletter, some of the highlights include:

Adapting and maintaining your family’s financial plan – Every successful endeavour needs a proper plan, and your financial future requires a well-structured, holistic financial plan done in conjunction with a professional. Reviewing and updating that plan to your environment is just as important – make sure family & friends discuss their plan with our CFP professionals.

The understated importance of long term insurance planning  – As part of your financial plan, insurance planning is used to make sure that unforeseen circumstances, such as accidents, death and disability, do not also become a life-changing event for you and your family’s life and financial health. Your group coverage will not be enough to serve that purpose.

Prudent tax planning saves money  – When you have worked hard for your wealth and have paid your dues, your nest egg should now be protected from all erosion, including taxation, by adopting tax-saving strategies in your overall plan – we can create these plans with and for you.

As always, we encourage you to share this newsletter with friends and family who you believe would benefit from some of the articles. If they would like more information, we would be happy to set up a meeting or zoom call – please feel free to introduce us over email, and have them check out our website:


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