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A Last Letter for Loved Ones

A Last Letter for Loved Ones

Posted on Dec 1st, 2021

For many years we have been advocates of the Executor Gift Letter, which accompanies the Will during the estate process.  The Gift Letter is drafted in your own handwriting and is a final letter to your family in terms of what your wishes would be for any family heirlooms (grandpas watch, grandmas wedding ring, art, etc.) or anything else of significance that you would like to gift to a specific person.  It’s also very impactful to have this letter as a final gift to your loved ones – don’t leave anything left unsaid. 

This guidance from your point of view can also be very helpful for your executor as they sort through the estate – it can even save family/sibling relationships! Your Gift Letter can be incredibly helpful in sorting through complicated estates if you lay it all on the table in your own words. Your executor will love you for it and trust us, the appreciation that we hear from the children and beneficiaries makes a world of difference during a very difficult time.

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