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A Guide to Affluent Adulting

A Guide to Affluent Adulting

Posted on Aug 3rd, 2021

Picture this: you are twenty years old and a very lucky lottery ticket lands you $70 million dollars. You can now afford all the things that you have ever dreamt of and you’ll never have to work another day in your life. Unfortunately, for those who might have thought of this as a feasible idea, this scenario happens very rarely. Let this be your first wake-up call into the adult world, a successful life is not built on wishes, instead, it is built on long term goals. A wealthy person thinks about investing. They are focused on the tangible things that they can work towards with a bit of persistence. Corely writes that there must be some foundation to your goals; he states that writing a daily to-do list, as well as setting-up pretend deadlines for your goals contributes to the actualization of the desired results (2021).

The process of achieving your goals is a long-term battle. To help the operation focus on the small immediate activities that will aid the initiative. Partaking in consistent small activities is known as forming a habit. Corely notes that as much as forty percent of our daily lives are ruled by habitual thought (2021). The key to navigating through the grey area of young- adulthood is to form positive habits. That is, the consistent steps that you can take to improve yourself as well as your financial situation. Positive habits might include spending less time watching television and more time reading; Corely explains that eighty-eight percent of wealthy people read at least thirty minutes a day to improve upon their knowledge. Another positive habit might also include volunteering at a local business. This would allow for the ability of social networking and building of valuable relationships. Further, it enables you to listen to people who are potentially in your desired path which might lead to finding a mentor.

In terms of working towards your financial goals, it is important to be patient. Start putting money away into a retirement saving fund or a tax-free savings account, (even if it is a small amount), and make it a habit to add money into these accounts every year. Similarly to your other goals, you will not see the importance of the small steps initially, but if you keep up this habit, soon you will see an accumulation of wealth as a result of your persistence, patience and focus. Your positive habits will be the foundation to the success you will have in the future.



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