The reasons for change in your business and family lives are myriad. Dreams change, circumstances change, personnel change…and in response, you need to modify your plans, structures, and roles to ensure continued success.

Here are just a few examples:

  • passing your business or practice from one generation to the next
  • selling your business or practice to a third party
  • expanding your business
  • staying in the business but downsizing your role
  • activating your next CEO or senior partner
  • transitioning from your business to your next project
  • downsizing your family home

Here are a few examples of the tasks involved in preparing for these transitions:

  • tax planning across your financial plan, estate plan, and investments
  • tax efficiency review
  • transition-risk insurance
  • coaching to help you or someone in your family business move smoothly from being fully-immersed in your business to a new role
  • identifying and preparing your next business leadership team
  • estate planning

Our advisor team and expert professional network have extensive experience guiding our family enterprise clients through these and many other changes. We take great pride in seeing our families and their businesses, practices, and wealth portfolios thrive through the decades.

“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.” – Unknown