Security planning is a crucial phase of tending to a family enterprise’s and private family unit’s net worth. Some of it is about creating a solid and secure retirement or post-business/executive lifestyle for yourself, which is a “possibilities-focused” part of your plan; some of it is about preserving assets in case of an unexpected event, which is an important defensive part of your plan.

Proactive security topics that open up possibilities include creating a solid, stable post-business lifestyle. How much income will you need to enjoy a lifestyle that is suited to your passions and goals, once you decide to leave the business? How will your business support other long-serving family members who are ready to retire? Something else that you might be considering is how to create a legacy in your community: Can you do this and still secure your own nest-egg?

Then there’s the protection side you’re probably more familiar with. You’ve worked hard to build up your enterprise, wealth portfolio or professional practice to the thriving business it is today. The last thing you want is to see it all collapse because a key person takes ill, you experience an unexpected interruption in your business, or a major client goes bankrupt and you can’t get paid.

We help you plan for the security of your personal, family, practice and business assets so that you can focus on the business you do best with peace of mind.