Our Process

1 – Meet

Whether your family is in business, is of wealth, or is in professional practice, you have unique goals, dreams, and values. We take time to get to know and understand you, your family, and your enterprise well. We also want you to get to know us, too!

2 – Map

Next, we draw up your wealth map, incorporating your personal and business assets, liabilities, resources, and plans. This tool clarifies your overall structure, asset mix, and finer details, showing us your areas of strength and revealing elements we can improve for better results.

3 – Plan

Using your new wealth map, we then craft your action plan, or strategic roadmap, to address each area of your overall enterprise – personal and professional – in priority order. Your plan underpins our work together over the years ahead.

4 – Review

Together, we regularly review your position and compare it to your plan. We will assess your progress, and update your priorities. You will receive regular reports from us, and we will meet with you on both a scheduled and as-needed basis.

5 – Revise

Life is change! As you discover new options and considerations, we fine-tune your wealth map and strategic plan accordingly. Our mission is to keep you and your business moving toward your longterm goals as your vision evolves and matures.

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