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Enterprise oversight

You are the expert in your business, but between juggling family, staff, and your other professional advisors, sometimes it feels like there is no time left for the bigger picture. Our team is able to partner with your and your other professionals to ensure all of these elements, as well as the important conversations around the business, take place, so you can focus on the things that really matter to you.

Our Enterprise Oversight
services are about

Possibilities & Protection

Here are some of the services we provide in this area:

  • Facilitating family meetings
  • Quarterbacking your advisory team
  • Wealth management of corporately held investments
  • Succession planning and leadership development
  • Risk assessment on the enterprise

Family members who are involved in the enterprise – as well as those who may have a different career journey – should all receive the necessary support to ensure that the family thrives together. A single family’s vision can yield many different goals!

We create dialogue around family, business, and money, so that your family knows that it has ongoing support from our team, providing unique perspectives on issues that family enterprises commonly face. With a multi-generational team that is able to transition alongside your business, we aim to understand the situation clearly, as the decisions that are made will impact generations to come.

To do this, we facilitate meetings to improve communication among family members who are involved in the enterprise, as well as those who may be impacted by these decisions but are not directly involved in the operations. We discuss topics that will impact your enterprise, such as leadership education and development, interpersonal differences, shifting roles and changing family structures, and retirement security. We also coordinate your advisory team to ensure the work gets done in a timely manner, and work hard to reduce risk and drive impactful results.

Being a member of the Family Enterprise Canada (FEC) and Family Firm Institute (FFI), we constantly strive to learn more about other family enterprise pathways and challenges so that we can better serve you.

Services we offer for families-in-business:
Family Office

Family Office

We help Families in Business navigate the complexities of multi-generational financial affairs.

Enterprise Oversight

Enterprise Oversight

We facilitate dialogue/conversations around topics such as leadership development and shifting roles in changing family structures.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Our team specializes in overseeing your wealth in a tax-efficient manner, with an eye on risk management.

Wealth Transfer

Wealth Transfer

We help our clients explore tax-efficient strategies to transition their wealth and legacy to the next generation as well as charitable giving.