Our services

We offer a full range of family office services, which we custom-fit to your own unique business, professional and family needs.

As a Family Office, we provide our clients with a full range of services designed to ensure that they have the confidence to make decisions that will impact their family enterprise for generations to come. These services fall into four primary categories:

Services we offer for families-in-business:
Family Office

Family Office

The Legacy Family Office team specializes in leading family meetings, where we assist in educating, advising, and facilitating discussion around the tough questions. This enables our clients to navigate the complexities of their enterprise’s multi-generational financial affairs.

Enterprise Oversight

Enterprise Oversight

You are the expert in your business, but between juggling family, staff, and your other professional advisors, sometimes it feels like there is no time left for the bigger picture. Our team is able to partner with your and your other professionals to ensure all of these elements, as well as the important conversations around the business, take place, so you can focus on the things that really matter to you.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Success at creating a solid and secure portfolio for you, your family, and your enterprise will liberate you from worrying about circumstances that will prevent you or your business from earning your necessary annual revenue. It will also help you establish a healthy post-business income stream for that future day when you decide it’s time to explore other adventures.

Wealth Transfer

Wealth Transfer

Our advisor team and expert professional network have extensive experience guiding our family enterprise clients through these and many other changes. We take great pride in seeing our families and their businesses, practices, and wealth portfolios thrive through the decades.

  • I can live my retirement relaxing in the knowledge that I am in really good hands.

  • [They are] never high-pressure salespeople, but look at our individual needs. I like having planners who know us and know our situation.

    Jim and Phyllis
  • We are so glad we began working with Legacy Family Office two years ago. They walked us through some tough questions and immediately identified – and addressed – significant gaps in our financial lives. Less than a year later, Geoff was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. Without their help to put a proper Financial Plan in place and see it through, our business and personal finances may have taken a hit that would’ve taken years to recover from.

    Geoff & Asa
  • Legacy’s main role has been as a mediator between the four partners of the company. The dynamics within the family-owned business differ greatly from most other companies, and Legacy advisors understand that.

    Leo, Frank, Carl, and Conny
  • Every meeting, we walk out knowing more and feeling a lot better about our situation. With your vast experience in the fields of both financial planning and investing, alongside your ability to adapt and listen, Shelly and I are very excited going forward. Thanks for taking this on and being a part of our goals.

    Kurt & Shelly
  • I know so many families where only one person manages the finances. Having Legacy Family Office both involved and taking care of your entire family has been vital to building our legacy. I don’t know what we would’ve done without their guidance and support (over the last 5 years).

    Naomi & Family
  • Over 25 years of working with Legacy Family Office has given us the confidence to make informed decisions that have seen us succeed through all of life’s transitions, including moving on from our professional business lives into an amazing retirement where we are living the life we’d always dreamed of – without worry.

    Alan & Margaret
  • I have been extremely pleased in working with the Legacy Family Office team. They are professional, attentive to all of the details, and have worked hard to understand my family’s particular needs across the extended family. They see broadly and can also drill down to get done what needs doing. They have assisted with Trust matters, estate planning, business needs, philanthropic planning, and more. I can trust them to do an excellent job.

    Rosemary and Family
  • Legacy has assisted yet another generation of our family by providing investment, inheritance and property planning for our mother at a time when she was very much in need of help.

    Colin and Catherine
  • Whatever our circumstances, the Legacy Family Office team have responded with sound advice that always led to positive outcomes for our family. By viewing the whole picture of our lives, they’ve helped us chart a course to financial security, providing the expertise and financial tools along the way to get us there. We truly feel “Well Advised.”

    Nick & Elaine
  • Since we began working with the Legacy Family Office team nearly 5 years ago, through holding family meetings with our children and working with us to understand our needs, they helped us navigate the transition of selling our business, and then identified potential issues regarding our estate planning and family legacy. As a result, we were able to head off these issues so that they never became a problem. We sincerely value their care, wisdom, and guidance in looking after our family.

    Sid & Lyn