Families of wealth

Your family is blessed with considerable wealth. You know, better than anyone, that with that wealth comes a sense of responsibility to manage your assets wisely, to run sustainable businesses within your network of enterprises, and to care for your many family members who rely on your enterprise for their livelihood. You may also have a desire to support philanthropic causes near and dear to your heart.

In order to serve your family network well, you want to ensure your assets are set up in a way that maximizes tax efficiency. This can be a complex question, depending on where your holdings are located, and in what form you hold them. You will also want to keep a close eye on your asset allocation, and respond to changing conditions across a variety of markets and investment types. Or, for many families of wealth, global diversification is an important strategy to take advantage of opportunities in emerging markets. Security of your overall holdings is a priority to ensure your family’s wealth is stable and strong for your children and your children’s children.

Family members tend to be a diverse group, with some who inherited the entrepreneurial spirit, for whom the joy is in the challenge; others who perhaps have special needs and require extra support; some who might be pursuing longterm academic study; others who are happy with a small retail or service venture; and others again who desire a straightforward life with a monthly paycheque without the worry of managing assets. We help you craft a responsible plan that provides for the income needs of all family members commensurate with both your goals and values, as well as their needs and opportunities.

Perhaps a family member is struggling with an unwise business investment to which they feel an emotional attachment and which they hesitate to close. Perhaps some of your members need training in a particular skill set critical to their success. Or perhaps you need a wise coach to lead you through a difficult point of conflict. Additionally, for client families who select our premium level of service, we organize family retreats to draw family members together in a fun and focused gathering to discuss goals, plans, needs, opportunities, and challenges.

These are just some of the many ways that our team and our extended network of professionals will serve you as you tend your family’s hard-earned wealth.

You want this remarkable legacy to carry on for generations yet to come.

We’ll help you make that happen.

What Matters Most

Thoughtful short- and long-term planning, a wise business structure, a solid tax plan, great relationships, and a well-chosen portfolio: these are the keys to a thriving business and family.

What Matters Most

Opinions, values, goals, and desired choices will vary among family members who also run a business or practice together. Sometimes families will avoid the tough questions for a long time because they don’t want to upset important family relationships.

Creating a solid, stable leadership structure for your business is critical if it is to thrive from one generation to the next. Intelligent tax planning, corporate structure, asset security, leadership development, and support of non-business family members are just a few of the many topics we work through with our clients.