You run a substantial family business, maybe even a full enterprise consisting of several businesses across multiple countries. You’ve been in business for a while, and you are very good at what you do. Perhaps yours is a third- or fourth-generation operation, now led by a “consortium of cousins” that spans at least two generations of the family mingled with trusted, skilled, non-family VPs and senior managers.

You give your enterprise a vibrant energy and deep commitment that stems from your pride of ownership. The vision you have for your family’s business drives you to excel at all you do in and for the enterprise. You encounter challenges that are different from those faced by corporations, and have very different motivating factors.

Naturally, your business world and your family network overlap. Knowing everyone in your enterprise as you do, you suspect that you face some very different questions from those of other families in business you know and work and relax with. At the same time, you are sensitive about discussing those “tricky bits” with anyone: you’re deeply concerned with privacy, and for very good reasons.

You might have questions about how best to balance your assets between your family portfolio and your business, for instance. As you and the rest of your leadership team matures, adjusting your work-life balance might be rising in priority for you so that you can sustain your position of leadership for many years yet to come.

You might be struggling to identify who is best suited to take the reins of your enterprise someday, with multiple family members vying for the CEO position and each one bringing a different set of strengths to the table. Or, perhaps, no-one appears to want the responsibility.

Or, looking at it from another angle, perhaps you are the “next generation,” and you feel you are the person best-suited to take the lead… but your elders seem to have a different plan in mind, or, more likely, simply aren’t ready even to think about making room for you…yet. Another possibility: perhaps something unexpected has happened to your elder and you suddenly find yourself thrust into the role of business leader ahead of schedule, and you aren’t confident you have all the tools you need to feel ready and capable.

These are just a few of the elements of your everyday life as a leader, co-owner, or successor of a family in business.

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