Carola Bartolomeo

Carola Bartolomeo

Our clients always come first – they are the primary focus in everything that I do in my role at Legacy Family Office.

Client Service Manager

As a Client Service Manager, I take pride in the trust that I have developed with our clients. They know that I’ll take care of any and all of their service requests efficiently and accurately.

Customer care has been the focus of every job I’ve had. In my very first job, as a front-line server while in high school, I learned the value of well-designed, customer-oriented processes that delivers customer happiness. Through the many years I have spent working in corporate firms where I designed systems for delivering efficient, careful, detail-oriented solutions. This has all been key to providing peace of mind for our clients here at Legacy Family Office.

We truly have a great group of clients. As a people person, I enjoy serving them as much as I do getting to know them. I want every client to feel confident that their specific needs are taken care of and the finer details are effectively managed.

What I love about the Legacy Family office team is that it is so diverse – in knowledge, expertise and personality. Access to knowledge and expertise is literally an arms length away; we have so much of what we need in-house and that’s really effective for acquiring answers and driving solutions for our client’s administrative needs. A bonus is that the team’s unique personalities keep the office interesting – we laugh a lot and it’s usually me who’s aiming to make them laugh.

When I’m not serving our clients, my life is all about my teenager daughter – she‘s my world. What’s amazing to me is that she loves the same things I do – travel adventures, Latin music and volleyball. One of our most memorable experiences together was attending the volleyball world championships. The other was travelling to Latin America with her and she’s determined that she is going to be the one to take me back again next time.