When it comes to choosing an advisor who works as closely with you as we do, you want to be sure you are getting the very best. Are any of these points on your checklist?

TEAM: You know you want to choose a team who works well together, rather than a lone practitioner, because then you have the advantage of “bench strength,” to borrow a sporting term.

EXPERIENCE: You also know you want a team with relevant experience, who has worked with a variety of different clients and has a deep appreciation for how unique and interesting each client family is to work with.

INTELLIGENCE: You, of course, want a team who is intelligent, who puts our experience to good use in crafting custom solutions we know will work by pulling from a deep knowledge of options and strategies we can apply and adapt to the many nuances of your particular needs and goals.

CREDENTIALS: And you want a team who is constantly learning and developing our professional standing in their field, actively taking in cutting-edge information from other experts in our field and applying it to your own situation.

EXPERTISE: Like a quarterback in football, there will be times when you want specialists for specific roles and projects that require particular expertise. You want the very best personnel for that specific job, right when you need them most!

VALUES: Your values underpin everything you do, and you want to work with people who are care about our community, like you do. You also care about working hard, being efficient, staying balanced, and staying sharp. So do we.

Bottom line: You want a smart, creative, caring team who will put you, your business, and your family first, so you and your family can reach your business and personal goals.